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   I loved to keep instruments around of all kinds for most of my career. Lately I only keep guitars that I feel I need to reproduce my recordings. I've let go of collecting guitars and I'm now only keeping what I need to continue performing. I've learned to play many instruments, but that doesn't mean I keep them around. I'm competent at playing Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Harmonica, various Banjos, Ukes, Native American Flutes. I confess to trying to play both the Piano and Violin, but the results are questionable after many years of practice.

  • 2008 Gibson ES-335 Exotic Wood limited edition model 
  • 1959 Guild Capris CE -100dp
  • 2015 Fender Stratocaster American Standard, Amazingly refined design of the classic Strat.
  • Fender Telecaster, Slider pickups. Autographed by Danny Gatton in 1993.
  • Mexican Strat painted in Melaque Mx. W/lap steel style pickup made by Lollar.
  • 1956 Gibson Consolette, Eight string double neck Steel Guitar. 
  • 2006 National Tricone Resonator guitar Vintage Steel Model, Lace pickup.
  • 1976 Martin D-18  acoustic guitar w/ K&K pickup Pure Western
  • 2013 Guild Classical guitar, spruce top, w/rosewood back and sides.
  • 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb, road readied by Mark Stephenson
  • 1956 Fender Bassman Amplifier, road readied by Mark Stephenson
  • Bose L1 MkII Line array PA with Tone Engine mixer for acoustic instruments.

Instruments for Sale

  • 1994 Dobro model 33H, chrome plated brass biscuit resonator guitar. 14 frets to body. Really nice rezo guitar with great vintage type tone. $1200 w/ohsc
  • 1956 Fender Bassman Amplifier, 4x Weber P10Q speakers. Legendary amp and one of the ultimate landmark instruments that inspired a multitude of other amps, like the original Marshall amp for one. $7500 w/gig bag and flight case.


 Thanks to K&K Sound for building the best acoustic instrument pickups and preamps, and for their support and endorsement.

High Spirit Native American Flutes are beautiful sounding instruments and I play them exclusively. Please look into the to native american flute and the many creative Native Artists who seem to combine music with the sounds of nature. 

  • Red Hawk A Cedar
  • Red Hawk G 
  • Contra Bass Flute D

This is a song I recorded with my first flute as I began to learn the instrument.


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