"Cold Outside" That's the title for the new Bill Johnson recording that's soon to be released. It features 11 songs, lyrics and music written by Bill. "I recorded at Baker Studios again with Joby Baker producing. He was a founding member of my band back in 1993 as drummer and sometimes bassist. Our last CD was recorded there and, as they say, that became my breakout album. Joby and I always maintained some connection over the years. He used me for session work routinely when he began his studio, and we both had recently been in Suzie Vinnick's band on her Western tour."

Another re-appearing guest is David Vest, also this years Maple Blues Piano Award winner. "I think, in 2009, we lured David to the Canadian stage, filling in, while Darcy was busy with his gig with Jann Arden. David played on Still Blue (2010), and he was quite a motivator in getting me to proceed with Cold Outside."

The present band spent much of 2015 playing Swan's Hotel and dusting off after Bill retreated to playing solo acoustic shows during most of 2014. Rick Erickson played Bass on 10/11 songs, while Darcy Phillips plays all the Hammond Organ, and most of the piano parts. Both David and Darcy also benefited from Baker Studios Grand Piano. Ross Hall, our drummer, laid down the two fat shuffles on the disc but Joby played the rest as it was simply more efficient with a producer who drums… Needless to say Joby records a wonderful drum sound. "I think if you have a good stereo, Cold Outside is going to sound amazing. I was floored listening to the final mixes through the studio's best monitors."

Leave a note if you'd be interested in buying a copy of Cold Outside on an audio file quality, good old vinyl record, (thick and heavy). It's pretty easy to create these again, and we'd love to offer a choice to the people who still love them. We won't spam you, we just want to get an idea how interested people are in this format.

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