We made our first trip off the island, finally. We were asked to perform at the 2017 Blues Summit in Toronto. This is a cross section of recording artists from Canada picked by the Toronto Blues Society to showcase there skills for a national and international collection of blues DJs, event organizers, and buyers. Oh, and the few exceptional fans. 

Held at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Toronto, it had a convention like feel to it, as well as a reunion of friends for the musicians. Canada may be a huge country, but its blues community of musician are very aware of one another. I, personally, have made many friends across the country, meeting at festivals, workshops, and events like the Summit. This has been my 3rd trip to Toronto to attend. In the past I came as the event is timed to coincide with the Maple Blues Awards. Those few time I was nominated for awards. Well no nominations this year, but this was a great chance to get back into circulation with my new CD.

Our showcase went well, and i was surprised by the many compliments I received on the new CD. It's easy to feel like your hidden away when you live on an island, and rarely leave. It was good to know the media really got my music out there, and people did notice. With so many great artists these days all without record labels, and all struggling more or less, there is a warm vibe of maybe empathy and comradery. Everyone works really hard for very little. Hmmm... "it was the best of times and it was the worst of times". Could also be that I've been at this so long, I've just warn a comfortable groove into the scene where I fit and feel at home. 


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