Meanwhile back at the farm... Cold Outside had a pretty good year. It would be boaring for you to weed through all the great reviews and top ten lists. You can read them if you want in the press page. I was really happy with the attention it received considdering the best in the country seemed to all release a CD this past year.

We had a little change of Band members recently, as travel is in my future, and I needed to have a band willing to hit the road. I was born in Halifax NS and left before I really developed any memory of the place. It always presents me with a problem when explaining where I'm from. I've carried that Nova Scotia birth certificate all my life, but I really do feel I'm from Victoria BC. I learned to play guitar here at age 9. So for 2017 my goal is to make it back to Halifax and play there. It's a great city of blues musicians, with a list of hometown players that are absolutely top notch. Sadly I've had to replace both Rick, bass and Ross, drums for now. They have no reason to travel and follow my exploits and travel is the big deal this year. They were both first rate musicians and my friends. I'm lucky to find John Hunter, and George Fenn, two great blues musicians who are willing to follow me across the prairies to the heart of the country, and of to the maritimes. John play drums in the band for seven years previously, and has been playing with George in both Harpdog Brown's Band and Dave Harris's new CD project. Harpdog needs no introduction but Dave is a great blues musician from Victoria with a huge encyclopedic knowledge of blues history and a hell of a guitarist and rack harmonica player.

I finally found a Club I liked and wanted to play at here. I like to get behind one room and really work for them. We'll be starting regular Thursday night shows there very soon, the first coming January 12.

Happy New Year to you all. We all said good bye to someone this year. One thing remains constant, and that is things change. And they do keep on changing, so what may be sad now, may pass and something new and good may be right around the bend.

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